Schedule & News


Question: What days and times do you train?
Answer: Are you interested in joining the Rogue Valley Schutzhund & Police K-9 Club for a day of training? Currently the club is training on Saturdays from 9 AM till 2 PM depending on how many participants we have. Tuesday’s training is on a week to week basis depending on weather and availability.

Typical Training Day

Question:What To Expect?
Answer: Each training day starts with obedience or tracking depending on the needs of the dog and handler. Once everybody has had the opportunity to work their dog in each phase once or twice protection will start. Our certified helper Eric is not always available due to his work schedule. We also asked that a small donation ($5.00 - $10.00) is donated to Eric for his continued dedication and hard work.

What To Bring

Question: What do I need to bring?
Answer: Dog Crate: All dogs are required to be crated when they are not with their owners. If you are a first-time visitor do not need to purchase a crate but if you continue to train with us it will be required. If you cannot fit one into your vehicle you can teach us a collapsible crate and set it up each time you come.
Water: You will need to bring plenty of water for your dog as there is not water always available.
Restrooms: Restrooms are not always available so please plan accordingly.
Poop Bags: All members are required to pick up after their dog.
Training Supplies: If you are a first-time member please make sure that you bring plenty of training bait. Hot dogs or cheese is strongly recommended, your dog’s kibble is not recommended. You will need a sturdy leash and collar. Other supplies you can borrow your first day of training and future supplies can be discussed as you move forward in your program.
Release Form: All participants are required to submit a release form prior to any training. Participants under 18 years of age will need their parents to submit a release form.