Join! Rogue Valley Schuthund Club

We train for the sport of Shutzhund/IPO; NOT "Personal Protection"




Requires a large time committment

All three phases are trained 2 times a week, generally for 3-6 hours at a time.

Not all dogs are suited for the sport.

Requires a finanical committement

Mandatory Fees

Individual Membership Dues: $90.00/quarter (for up to 2 dogs)

Household Membership Dues: $135.000/quarter (2 people, 2 dogs same address)

Youth Membership Dues: $45.00/quarter (≤ 21yrs and up to 2 dogs).

Annual United Schutzhund Clubs of America Membership: $100/$150/$25

Annual Club Insurance Contribution Levy: Amount voted by members each year.

Optional Fees

Additional Dog Fee: $45.00/quarter per dog (applies to dogs ≥ 6 months of age)

Rule Book: $38.00 (includes shipping)

Scorebook: $10.00 (per dog)

Equipment Costs: Based on your own self control!

Still Interested? Next Steps

Perspective members must train with the club 4 times* before they are eligible to submit a membership application. This gives you a chance to learn more about the sport while allowing us to evaluate your dog's potential. Our evaluation process will test your dog's temperament, drives (food/prey/defense), and genetic abilities. Although there is no minimum age for your dog, we ask that all dogs be up to date on their vaccinations. All breeds, whether purebred or mixed, are welcome to participate.

*The first training session is free and you are welcome to bring your canine(s). Attendance at your second training session and each thereafter, until accepted as a member, is $10.00 each visit.

We also recommend you review the clubs regulations

Don't have a Dog?

No problem! Many people have either competed in the past and are thinking about getting back into the sport or they just simply wish to learn more. Rogue Valley Schutzhund Club is always open to those who have an interest in being a helper (decoy) or those who want to expand their knowledge of training the working dog.

You will Need:

Training Bait
Dogs Favorite Toy
Water (for you & your dog!)
Waste Bags
Crate to Secure your Dog


Everyone must sign our release of liability waiver
Dogs must be kept on-leash unless instructed otherwise
Keep dogs a safe distance from other dogs
Dogs must be secured in a crate
Dog waste must be cleaned up
Children must be supervised

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